Tips for Reducing Tension Among Dental Staff Members During COVID-19

Jul 20th 2020

As dentists and dental teams have returned to practice over the last month, some offices are noticing tension among team members that comes with getting back to patient care during a global pandemic. Working in this new environment may cause staff to become anxious and fearful of contracting the virus, passing it on to loved ones or even having to take time off from work.

Along with updating office policies and implementing new safety and cleaning protocols, the following tips from the California Dental Association could help with reducing employee fears and mitigating tension in the dental office:

  1. Inform and train staff about new protocols
  2. Update employees on the latest COVID-19 news
  3. Remind employees of available benefits
  4. Be positive and empathetic
  5. Offer flexible and creative accommodations

Read more about these helpful tips for reducing tension among dental staff members who are uncomfortable working during the COVID-19 pandemicon the CDA’s website.